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CD52 Bandit Non-Intrusive Pig Signaler

with UL/CSA Class 1 Division 1 Hazardous Location Certification

The CD52 Bandit is a non-intrusive pig signaler which uses either permanent magnets or active transmitters mounted onto the pig to detect passage from 0.022 to 45.73 mph (0.01m/s to 20 m/s).  With thousands of systems sold around the world over the past 15 years, the CD52 pig signaler has developed a strong reputation in the industry for its reliability and durability in even the harshest environments.


A relay closure on passage allows the Bandit to be interfaced to a wide variety of systems including SCADA, PLC's, lights, horns, etc.


Features include:

• Completely non-intrusive to the pipeline

• Designed for direct burial permanent installation with many standard stalk heights and types
• Armored flex cable option available

• Portable version for onshore & offshore with carring case

• Every unit is UL/CSA rated Class 1, Division 1 for hazardous location

• Bi-directional pig detection

• Detection of both transmitter and permanent magnet equipped pipeline pigs

• Automatic retention of the 10 most recent pig passage times and dates

• Powered for one full year with two D-Cell alkaline batteries or permanently powered with 24VDC

• Easily bands to pipelines from 2" to 60"

• Works with wall thicknesses of 1.5 inches [38mm] (contact CDI when W.T. greater than 1" [25.4mm])


316 stainless steel sun shadeThe UL/CSA version of the CD52 Bandit allows simple and reliable non-intrusive detection of pig passages anywhere within your pipeline network.  Simply strap the CD52 onto a pipeline and it immediately begins scanning for both transmitter and permanent magnet equipped pig passages.


When pig passages occur their times and dates are displayed to the operator along with a flashing "Recent Passage" message.  If multiple pig passages have occurred, one can simply scroll back through the Bandit's passage memory and retrieve the time and date of any one of the last 10 passages.

When pig passages occur, in addition to visual indications the CD52 Bandit initiates a dry contact relay closure (which may be wired normally open or normally closed) for 15 seconds.  This relay can support an electrical connection of 120VAC to 1A or 30VDC to 3A.


Using CDI's proprietary LineStat satellite notification service the CD52 pig signaler can notify operators of pig passages to their email inbox or smart phone any time day or night.


The Bandit's standard enclosure is a fully explosion-proof certified aluminium housing with a tempered glass window.


The optional 316 stainless steel sunshade (pictured above and in the gallery below), is a recommended option to increase heat shedding in deserts and other areas with high levels of direct sunlight. The overall temperature inside the explosion-proof housing is lowered which in turn prolongs the life of the electronics (and batteries if used). 316 stainless steel construction of the sunshade guarantees long life in the harsh pipeline environment.


CDI manufactures a family of small permanent magnets that are designed specifically for use with the CD52 Bandit.  These magnets are durable epoxy encapsulated cylinders with outer jackets and mounting studs; when mounted to or placed inside virtually any type of pipeline pig it can then be tracked by the CD52 throughout a pipeline network.  Since these magnets do not require batteries or have any active components, their usable life is outstanding.


Although several options are available for the CD52 Bandit that allow customization, there are often special uses that require something new.  If you have a special requirement for this equipment give CDI a call; special orders are commonplace for this equipment.


Photo Gallery

  • CD52 Bandit
  • CD52 Bandit with SS Sunshade
  • CD52 Bandit with Sunshade (Front)
  • CD52 Bandit with Sunshade (Back)
  • CD52 Bandit 316 Stainless Steel
  • Flex cable version of CD52
  • Bandit equipped with LineStat satellite notification radio
  • Receive passage notification to email
  • Tall CD52 Signalers with Sunshades
  • Banding tool

Detection Type:

Non-Intrusive, Magnetic

Devices Detected:

CD52 Trip Magnets

CD42 and TRAXALL Transmitters

Detection Direction:


Passage Visual Indicator:

LCD flashes one hour after passage

LCD holds steady for next 11 hours

Auto-Resets at 12 hours

Passage Electrical Indicator:

Isolated Dry Contact Closure

Detection Speed:

0.01 meter/sec to 20 meter/sec

Battery Life:

One full year minimum on two standard 1.5VDC D-Cell alkaline batteries

External Power:

24VDC (21.6 to 26.4 VDC Allowable Range)

Power Requirements:

Standard Base System: 0.67 Watts

Heater Option: 0.67 Watts (12 Watts Intermittent)

Remote Indication Option: 0.67 Watts (1.0 Watts Intermittent)




Powder Coated Copper-Free Aluminum


Tempered Glass

System Certification:

UL/CSA Standard C22.2 No. 30
Class 1 Division 1 explosion-proof (Certificate)



Line Sizes:

6 inch to 60 inch [152mm to 1524mm]

Pipe Wall Thickness:

Up to 1.5" [38.1mm]
For wall thickness greater than 1" please consult CDI for optimum deployment options.

Pipe Mounting Assembly:

Aluminum (316 Stainless Steel optional)

Banding and Buckles:

201 Stainless Steel (316 Stainless Steel optional)



Contact Closure:

Electrically Isolated
Double Pole - Double Throw.
Closed to indicate a pig passage, opened after 15 seconds
(relay dwell time may be customized at time of order)

Contact Closure Current Capacity:

2 Amps at 30 Volts DC



Operational Temperature Ranges:

Alkaline Batteries: -20°C to 54°C
+24VDC Power: -30°C to 80°C
Heater Module with 24VDC Input (Required): -50°C to 80°C
LineStat Satellite Equipped System: -30°C to 80°C
Heat Risers Required when Product Temperature >80°C

Click for graphic of temperature ranges.



Total Passage Count:

10 (First In First Out)

Stored Passage Information:

Time and Date of passages. Information is stored through loss of power.



System Design Life:

20 years

Storage Life:

20 years


Remote Indicator System (RIS):

Provides viewability to a range of 100 meters via 16 super-bright LEDs mounting in the face of the system.

Identification Tags:

Permanent, Engraved 316 Stainless Steel tags affixed to the sytem.

Sun Shade:

316 Stainless Steel Sun Shade reflects and absorbs/dissipates sunlight, lowering internal heat from sun exposure in desert climates.


UL/CSA Certification Document  

Materials and craftsmanship are warranted for a period of one year.